Мулти ефект : BEHRINGER FX600

Digital Stereo Multi-Effects Pedal

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Ultimate digital multi-effects pedal comparable to state-of-the-art studio processors 24-bit high-resolution stereo effects including Flanger, Chorus, Phaser, Delay, Tremolo and Pitch Shifter 2 additional parameter controls to adjust delay time, flanger rate, etc. Blue status LED for effect on/off and battery check Runs on 9 V battery or the BEHRINGER PSU-SB DC power supply (not included) First-class electronic On/Off switch for highest signal integrity in bypass mode High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life

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Мулти ефект за ел.китара : DigiTech RP55

Мултиефект процесорът е оборудван с 12 Amp Models и 29 качествени ефекта, до 10 ефекта може да се използва едновременно за неподозирани възможности.  RP55 е лесен за работа; просто набирате избрания  усилвател  и предварително зададени настройки с ефекти. Дръм машина с 30 модела , лесен за използване LED дисплей ,и  хроматичен тунер.

Захранващ адаптор или батерия не са включени в цената



•20 Studio Quality Effects, up to 8 at once
•Built-in drum machine with 30 patterns
•40 user, 40 Factory Presets
•Built-in Chromatic Tuner
•Expression pedal input for Whammy, Wah and Volume
•Easy-to-read LED Display
•Stereo Output doubles as headphone jack
•Low-noise 24-Bit analog digial converters
•Runs on batteries or external power supply*
*(Захранващ адаптор или батерия не са включени в цената)

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Equipped with 11 Amp Models and 20 Studio Quality Effects, up to 8 effects can be used at once for unimagined tonal possibilities. The RP55 is the easiest RP product to use; just simply dial up your choice of amps and preset effects settings with no deep parameter settings. All settings come from our years of experience with the pros. Weve just made professional tone easy. The RP55 uses our AudioDNA™ DSP chip to produce effects and amps that studio-class. Add 24-bit A/D/A conversion so that no frequency response is lost between inputs and outputs. Also included is a drum machine with 30 patterns and an easy-to-use 13-LED chromatic tuner. Whether youre just starting in your quest for tone or need many choices, the RP55 fits your needs.

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Мулти ефект за ел.китара : Boss ME-25

Multi-Effects Processor for Guitar – 10 preamp types • 10 OD/DS types • Memory for 60 Original Sounds • Six Categories with 10 Variations Each for a Total of 60 Powerful Sounds!
!!! Към ефекта има комплект от 6 батерии АА и е без адаптор за ток.

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• SOUND LIBRARY provides extensive collection of ready-to-use tones; simply choose a category and select a variation • Sounds can be instantly edited with the Drive, Tone, and Level knobs and Expression pedal • Phrase Loop function with 38 seconds of recording time • Functions as a USB audio interface • Built-in AUX input • Cakewalk SONAR 8.5 LE software included • Free downloadable Librarian software at http://www.bosscorp.co.jp/download/en/ME-25/download.html Specifications AD Conversion: 24-bit + AF method DA Conversion: 24-bit Sampling Frequency: 44.1 kHz Sound Library Category: CLEAN, CRUNCH, DRIVE, HEAVY, LEAD, EXTREME Effect Type COMP/FX (Compressor/Effect): COMP, T.WAH, AC SIM OD/DS (Overdrive/Distortion): BOOST, OD-1, T-SCREAM,BLUES, DIST, CLASSIC, MODERN, METAL, CORE, FUZZ PREAMP: CLEAN, TWIN, TWEED, VO DRIVE, BG LEAD, MS VINTAGE, MS MODERN, 5150 DRIVE, R-FIER, ULTRA METAL MODULATION: CHORUS, PHASER, FLANGER, ROTARY, UNI-V, TREMOLO, HARMONIST, OCTAVE DELAY: 1-99ms, 100-990ms, 1000-6000ms, TAP REVERB: ROOM, HALL PEDAL FX (Pedal Effect): WAH, +1 OCTAVE, -1 OCTAVE, FREEZE NS (Noise Suppressor) Nominal Input Level INPUT: -10 dBu AUX IN: -18 dBu Input Impedance INPUT: 1M ohm AUX IN: 22k ohms Nominal Output Level: -10 dBu Output Impedance ; 2k ohms Power Supply DC 9 V Dry Batteries (R6/LR6 (AA) type) x 6 AC Adaptor (BOSS PSA series: sold separately) Current Draw: 150 mA Duration of continuous use with battery operation Alkaline: 9 hours Carbon: 3 hours *These figures will vary depending on the actual conditions of use. Accessories: Owner’s Manual, ME-25 DVD-ROM, Sound Library/Memory List (Leaflet), Sound Library Sticker, Dry Batteries (Alkaline: LR6 (AA) type) x6, Roland Service (Information Sheet) Options: AC Adaptor BOSS PSA series

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Мулти ефект процесор : BEHRINGER FEX800

Компактен стерео мулти-ефект процесор за  студио и сценични приложения.
16 страхотни FX пресети в 24-битова резолюция:  реверб, фленджър , хорус , дилей и др.
FX Preset контрол със светодиоди показва избраната програма.
Специализирани Mix И Output Level контроли за регулиране на нивото.

FEX800 има два режима на работа: моно и стерео. Той разполага с балансирани 1/4 ” входове и изходи.

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Ultra-compact 9.5″ stereo multi-effects processor for studio and stage applications 16 awesome FX presets in 24-bit/48 kHz resolution including reverb, delay, chorus, flanger, phaser, rotary speaker, pitch shifter and multi-effects Intuitive FX Preset control with LEDs indicating the selected program Versatile Edit and Tap/Select functions to control a wide range of FX parameters Stereo Input Level control with accurate 6-segment LED Input meter for precise level indication Dedicated Mix Balance and Output Level controls for perfect effects level adjustment Additional footswitch connector for easy FX on/off control High-quality potentiometers and illuminated switches for long-term reliability Ultra-low noise audio operational amplifiers offer outstanding sound performance All Mini Series models can be stacked on top of each other to create an ultra-compact signal processor solution

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Мулти ефект : BEHRINGER V-AMP/3

4 all-new plus 28 improved amp models multiplied by 15 speaker cabinet simulations give you a total of 480 virtual combos

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USB audio interface included, featuring stereo I/O, optical S/PDIF out, direct monitoring and separate control for phones out No-latency guitar recording on your PC—edit and monitor your sound directly on V-AMP 3 and record to the incredible multi-platform music production software energyXT2.5 Compact BEHRINGER Edition Studio quality multi-effects including reverb, chorus, flanger, phaser, rotary, auto-wah, echo, delay, compressor and various effects combinations 125 memory locations pre-arranged for many popular styles and embedded in the acclaimed intuitive V-AMP user interface Tap-tempo function and many other parameters directly accessible on the unit Presence control adjusts a high-frequency filter, simulating the negative feedback of tube amps Preamp bypass function allows use as a stereo effects processor without amp modeling Stereo Aux input lets you play along to a cue from your PC, CD, MP3 or drum computer for practice, teaching and home-recording applications Balanced stereo Line output can be configured for many recording and live applications Adjustable auto-chromatic tuner plus effective global configurations and equalization easily adopts the V-AMP 3 to any situation outside your home studio MIDI implementation includes program changes, control changes and SysEx, allowing complete MIDI remote control or automation with your energyXT2.5 or any other DAW

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Мулти ефект : BEHRINGER LX1B

Virtual Bass, Acoustic/Electric Guitar and Keyboard Amplifier / 32 Amp Models / 23 Cabinets / 16 Digital Stereo Effects / 4 Stomp Box Simulations / MIDI / Dual Footswitch, AC Adapter
and Carrying Bag Included

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32 authentic virtual amp models can be combined with any of the 23 speaker cabinet simulations, noise reduction, compressor, wah-wah, distortion pedal simulations and one of 16 multi-effects 125 memory locations, divided into 25 banks with 5 presets each Stereo aux input lets you plug in and play along with a CD, drum computer, or MIDI playback for practice, teaching and home-recording applications Stereo output features dual ?” TRS jacks which can be used as +4 dBu balanced or -10 dBV unbalanced outs Auto-chromatic tuner Dual footswitch permits toggling between five preset sounds within one bank—without any MIDI programming (included) MIDI implementation includes program changes, control changes and Sysex, allowing complete MIDI automation 16 analog and digital multi-effects including ultrabass, synth, delay/loop sampler, chorus, flanger, rotary speaker, voice box, auto wah, phaser, ambience and reverb 4 renowned distortion and overdrive stomp boxes with adjustable DRIVE, TONE, BOOST and SPLIT Wah-Wah pedal and studio compressor effects PRESENCE, DEEP and sweepable SHIFT/SHAPE controls for all amp models Studio-quality noise reduction, based on the renowned BEHRINGER SNR2000 Sweepable 24 dB Butterworth frequency crossover

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Мултиефект за ел.китара : BEHRINGER X V-AMP (LX-X-EU)

Китарен ефект с 16 AMP/Simulations

- 24 битов ефект процесор включващ ефектите( first-class stomp box simulations, rotary, phasers, ping pong, delay, wah wah, chorus, flanger, reverb, noise gate and compressor и др.)

- 100 бленди памет

- експрешън педал

- Външно захранване , включено в комплекта

Ultra-Flexible Modeling Amp/Multi-Effects Processor
with Integrated Expression Pedal / Power Supply Included

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16 original V-AMP amp/speaker simulations, including a special acoustic simulation and Amp bypass function High-resolution 24-bit stereo multi-effects processor including first-class stomp box simulations, delay, wah wah, chorus, flanger, reverb, noise gate, compressor effects and many more Freely assignable expression pedal for real-time control of effects or wah/volume control Amp and cabinet simulation, compressor, noise gate, EQ, modulation effects, delay and reverb can be used simultaneously in any combination Awesome modulation and pitch bend effects Dedicated semi-parametric EQs for low-end and presence control 9 different output configurations for utmost flexibility 100 memory locations—easily editable and storable 2 stereo ?” Line and Headphone outputs plus one guitar input Intuitive controls and comprehensive display for visual feedback during editing Adjustable, super-precise auto-chromatic tuner

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