Кожа резонаторна 13″ : REMO SA-0113-00 (прозрачен мат)

Drumhead – AMBASSADOR® HAZY • Snare • 13″

• The Hazy Ambassador® heads are medium-weight heads made with a single-ply 3-mil Mylar® film to produce an open, bright, and resonant sound with plenty of attack.
• Hazy Ambassador® heads accentuate snare drum response and give a classic look to snare drums.

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Кожа резонаторна 13″ : EVANS TT13GR (прозрачна)

Drumhead – Genera Res Series • Tom • 13″ • Resonant • Clear

The 10mil single-ply clear Genera Resonant has produces a full and round sustain with strong upper-mids that increase projection without sacrificing sustain • Ideal for enhancing tone when combined with a 2-ply batter head
Sustain: Long
Tone: Medium Bright

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Кожа ударна 13″ : REMO BA-0313-00 (прозрачна)

Drumhead – AMBASSADOR® series • Snare & Tom • 13″ • Batter & Resonant • Clear

The Clear Ambassador® heads are medium-weight heads, with plenty of attack.

• Ply: Single
• Thickness: 10-mil Mylar® film
• Type: Clear
• Tone: Brigth
• Sustain: Long
• Durability: Med

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